The New Time-Saving Workout Concept

-that is rocking the fitness sector

Bodystreet: the revolutionary new way to get in shape

Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym every week. Bodystreet is an innovative workout studio that combines expert personal training with the buzz of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). The result: a highly effective exercise program that enables you to get fit, tone up, and build muscle - fast!


Leading the way: where did it all start?

We are Europe’s leading provider of EMS workouts, so you’re in safe hands. Bodystreet launched with a single micro-studio in Germany in 2007, and after two years of proving the concept expanded as a franchise system. Now the number of studios has grown to over 300 across Germany, Austria, the UK, Italy, USA... and now we've arrived in Tanzania! We train over 40,000 people every week.


Who is it for?

This is a fitness concept that is targeted at anyone who is interested in staying fit, improving their body shape, or relieving muscle aches; but doesn’t have time to spend hours exercising each week. This revolutionary system is so effective that one 20-minute workout per week is enough.


What makes Bodystreet so special?

It’s simple. We combine the best in EMS technology with expert personal training to help you get the results you want, fast. This amazing fitness technology originated in the fields of sports medicine and is a safe, stress-free, and effective way of super charging the natural effects of exercise.

Forget about training alone in a large gym, working your way from one piece of equipment to another several times a week. With Bodystreet, all it takes is 20 minutes a week, in a small ‘micro-studio’, under constant supervision from an expert personal trainer.

We use EMS technology to target all of the hard to reach muscle groups that are so difficult to workout through conventional exercise. This means you can expect to see rapid improvements in all of your ‘problem’ areas, such as the waist, hips, stomach, bottom, chest, arms, and legs.



EMS doesn't just exercise and build up your muscles

It also stimulates the metabolism, which leads to a significant reduction in body fat within a very short period of time. It’s a safe method of working out because it places no pressure on joints, meaning anyone can use it and see real results - regardless of their size, age, or fitness level.

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