We Don't Leave Anything to Chance

Instead, we meticulously plan and go about our business using a clearly defined set of rules

Bodystreet lives and trains by its values

For us, our values represent our 'inner compass' which guides and directs our daily business activities as well as our strategic decisions.

Our values are based on our own "code of values", on important intra-system "rules of the game", and the ethical guidelines of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and the German Franchise Association (DFV):

Uncompromising customer focus

The highest degree of authenticity

System and team integrity

A long-term vision and sustainability goals

Identification with the brand



Fun and happiness at work

What is of particular importance to us? The younger generation

The youth of today do not need or want to hear any sugar-coated promises, they want something more meaningful, such as a promising prospect on the job market. This is why occupational training is something that can no longer be ignored in the fitness industry. Our goal is to train as many young people as possible so that they are ready for the demanding world they will face in their professional lives. But we don’t just want to prepare them for the fitness and health sector, but also teach them the skills they will need in many other areas of business life.

At Bodystreet our challenge is to become the best employer and trainer in the European fitness industry. Our versatile support measures, which include an extensive training program with its own academy and online aptitude tests, as well as many in-house career opportunities, are just the start of an exciting journey.

What is an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) workout?

All answers in our FAQ's!


Responsible training

One thing is certain: in view of the pressing questions concerning the future, even the fitness industry needs to become aware of the social, ecological, and economic impact of its actions and review its business models in terms of sustainability and future viability. Bodystreet would also like to play a leading role in this regard.

Ecology as a challenge

Every day we all do things which, considered individually, have very little impact on the environment. However, when taken together they have a significant impact on the ecosystem in both a positive as well as negative sense. That is why it is so important that we all start with ourselves and minimize our 'ecological footprint'. This is especially true in a franchise system because if a positive example is set in such an environment the effect will multiply quickly, and others will soon follow suit.

The 'micro studio' concept which Bodystreet consistently implements is already based on the sustainable approach of resource efficiency. Its main features are its efficient use of materials, space, energy and water, as well as minimizing emissions and waste. This fundamental eco-efficient approach is being developed and enhanced all of the time. In the future we want to be able to determine our ecological footprint with the utmost precision, which is why we set up a monitoring system for all Bodystreet locations in 2013. The first result of our endeavors was our first Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which was released in mid-2014 with subsequent annual revisions. It makes our business model, our system, and our performance indicators transparent. Our most current Social Responsibility Report is available at all Bodystreet studios or can be requested at csr@bodystreet.com.

Optimizing energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption is one of the most important topics on our environmental roadmap. Analyses have shown that most of our energy is used for lighting. By using modern LED lamps, we can achieve a huge reduction in electricity consumption of up to 65%. Several locations have already done so, partly financed through crowd funding. Starting in 2015, Bodystreet set a goal to use environmentally friendly electricity at all of our studios. We continue to develop an innovative system-wide energy purchasing strategy to minimize our environmental footprint.

Reducing emissions

The Bodystreet concept is based on a large number of small and decentralized locations. This saves our members having to make lengthy commutes which are particularly harmful to our environment. Our decentralized training system also translates into a reduction of transport-related emissions. The same also applies for our most important company car for European studios, the Renault "Twizy". As a pioneer of modern electrical mobility, it has zero primary emissions.

Higher recycling ratios

Bodystreet also uses recycled paper in our offices. This significantly reduces our indirect water and energy consumption.