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Bodystreet awarded in the USA


Bodystreet receives Global Franchise Award 2020 in the category "Best Fitness Franchise"

Munich/Orlando - On 7 February 2020 Bodystreet was awarded the 2020 Global Franchise Award in the "Best Fitness Franchise" category. This award, sponsored by "MSA Worldwide", was presented to the world leader in EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) training at the Orlando World Center in Florida. With more than 300 locations on three continents, over 14 million workout sessions completed and more than 40,000 members, Bodystreet represents one of the most innovative systems in the fitness industry. The company's success is based on EMS workouts, boutique fitness studios and franchising.

The Global Franchise Awards are presented each year by "Global Franchise" magazine to franchise systems that have achieved an outstanding performance in international franchising. In February a prestigious jury from various countries such as the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France and Germany selected the finalists from the numerous applicants.

The criteria applied by the jury were as follows: How committed is the company to international growth and long-term success? How good is the relationship between the franchisor and its franchisees? How innovative and efficient is the company's marketing strategy? Does the system participate in international franchise events - in other words, does it set a positive example in international franchising? There were winners in 12 categories, covering fields such as catering, retail, trade, the hotel industry and services. The award in the "Best Fitness Franchise" category went to Bodystreet.

What impressed the international jury about Bodystreet?

Global growth

True to the principle of "Think local - act global", Bodystreet focuses on local service excellence and regards global growth as the result of the success of its franchisees. Customers can now find more than 300 Bodystreet boutique fitness studios in six countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Tanzania and the USA. Other countries such as France and the Gulf States are already preparing for the market launch.

An attractive employer

At the local level Bodystreet concentrates on providing its specialist staff and management personnel with training and qualifications. Accordingly Bodystreet is an attractive employer for talented young people, in particular as a company that offers vocational training with courses leading to certification and international job prospects. In an interview, company founder Emma Lehner describes this as follows: "Thanks to the Global Franchise Award, Bodystreet has come a good deal closer to its shared vision of becoming the best employer in the fitness industry".

Innovation and the franchise spirit

The EMS industry leader recognised early on that innovative marketing is a prerequisite for this and invested in its expansion. A website, social media campaigns and the integration of new technologies in support of franchise partners have high priority. Bodystreet co-founder and CEO Matthias H. Lehner is passionate about franchising: he is Vice President of the German Franchise Association, has been a Senator in the Economic Senate for 8 years and has already received numerous franchise awards with Bodystreet.

However, the "Best Fitness Franchise" award is much more than simply an honour: it is recognition that Bodystreet has fulfilled its self-defined obligations. One of these commitments was to make the Bodystreet Global Headquarters carbon neutral. In fact, by the end of 2020 Bodystreet will be carbon neutral worldwide. The 2020 Global Franchise Award will provide Bodystreet with all the more motivation to grow sustainably and profitably in the future.

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